My name is Nancy Birang and I am a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant- I am the founder and owner of Four Seasons Nutrition, an integrative nutrition consulting service for individuals, families and groups.

I have the honor and pleasure of working with clients-face to face as well as via telephone and web based platforms. I specialize in helping people faced with complex health conditions including cancer.

  • Are you confused about what to eat?
  • Are you experiencing a health challenge?
  • Do you feel tired, stressed, worried?

I can help. I listen. I partner with YOU-to navigate the overload of information; to help YOU define a nutritional path forward that will nourish YOUR body-mind-spirit and make you stronger and more balanced.

Food is Information

Food matters

What, when, where and why you eat plays a critical role in your health and wellbeing and your ability to heal.  I partner with you to create a practical and delicious eating plan that heals.  Using evidenced based information, and drawing upon decades of experience, I help you create a nutritional protocol that meets your individual needs and challenges.

Food is telling a story

Every time you eat or drink is an opportunity to nourish and strengthen the over 37 trillion cells that make up YOU-your body, your “terrain.” Food can nourish or food can poison.  The thousands of molecular compounds found in food talk to your cells via elegant molecular pathways.  Blueberries are telling a very different story than potato chips. The problem is-you are drawn to the potato chips-because they have chemicals that promote strong addictions. I help you break this vicious cycle of craving addictive foods that deplete nutrients and upset balance.  I empower you to take the baby steps toward a healthier diet of whole, unprocessed foods with life supporting nutrients.

My Approach

Identify and address your unique imbalances-the weak links-that are compromising your health and contributing to dis-ease. Provide science based information on the use of food, herbs, supplements, and testing-to support health; make up for deficiencies; and manage specific challenges.

my services

My Focus

To help you eat better, feel better, get healthier.  To help you increase your strength, energy and resilience.  To empower you to better manage your health challenges.

Nutrition Consultations

I provide personalized sessions to help you set and achieve your health goals.  I use my extensive nutrition knowledge, scientific background and decades of experience to help you set up and follow a diet/lifestyle plan that works for you. This includes practical meal plans, healthy eating strategies, evidenced based supplement recommendations, interpretation of lab and test results. My goal is to connect with each of my clients; to provide the tools needed to support healing.

Contact me today-to set up your complimentary introductory call.

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My passion is to educate, motivate and inspire people to make lifelong changes to improve health, prevent dis-ease and manage chronic illness. I am an experienced presenter on various topics related to nutritional healing,  heart health, bone health, hormone balancing, digestive wellness, and diabetes and cancer management.

Contact me for details regarding dynamic group presentations.

Customer Testimonials

  • I had just discovered that I had not one, but two unrelated cancers, when a friend, who had already been traveling the cancer journey, suggested that I join her at a Cancer CARE point's nutritional class led by Nancy Birang. She also mentioned that Nancy provides individual nutritional consultations. I attended my first class, on "Cancer and Mushrooms”, and I was hooked (on Nancy and on mushrooms.) Having seen several nutritionists in the past, and been given information that not only wasn't correct (eat more carbs!), but had negative consequences like significant weight gain, I'm more than a bit suspicious and even maybe a bit critical about the profession. Nancy's knowledge was not only consistent with what I had been discussing with trusted medical professionals and had been reading on the Internet, but her knowledge exceeded what I knew. And yes, after learning from her, I would religiously check what she had shared with us. Luckily, I don't feel I need to do that anymore. I trust her.

    I also signed up form a private consultation. She listened to me and understood my particular medical situation. One example: with Nancy's nutritional knowledge and recommendations, in just two months, I was able to move my Vitamin D level into the normal range – and that was after four years of trying to do so unsuccessfully with an endocrinologist and internist! Because of the impact of my Vitamin D levels on other health issues, as far as I'm concerned, she "saved my life."

    Because of her easy-going and supportive style, combined with her knowledge, I recommend Nancy to all my friends looking for a nutritionist, and I whole-heartedly recommend her to you. 

    - Lynn R.

  • Facing a health challenge I arrived at the awareness that I needed to do something different to improve my health.  I did considerable research on my own but there was so much out there and the information was overwhelming. That is when I met Nancy, a nutritionist. How fortunate that was for me.  I began taking some classes from her and was immediately “hooked". 

    Prior to my meeting Nancy, my eating habits left something to be desired. I believed in eating organic as much as possible but I lacked good cooking skills (wasn't interested), skipped meals, and ate unbalanced meals with improper portions.  She inspired and motivated me to not only eat healthy but to develop a love for cooking - to have fun with it.

    She shared recipes that were simple, nutritious and tasty. One of my very favorites is her Sardine Salad. (This is a winner).   Never a sardine lover - I am now.  She suggested the use of herbs, spices, bone broth and discussed the use of supplements which has been helpful to me with my digestion, immune and bone health. This was an area that I was interested in, but again the information out there is overwhelming.  Nancy's support in filtering through that was helpful and less stressful.  I now incorporate into my cooking the use of herbs and spices whenever possible.  I learned the importance of planning and eating balanced meals and have had a lot of fun making her smoothie recipes.  She stressed the importance of structured mealtime with balanced meals and mindful eating practices.  This has improved my digestive and energy issues.  

    She has been a wonderful source of inspiration and support to me.  What makes Nancy so special is her engaging style which makes her approachable and genuine.   She is very knowledgeable and shares her expertise freely with passion, enthusiasm, and humor.   Her lectures are stimulating and energizing.   It is impossible to not think "all about what is healthy food" after one of her lectures.

    Lastly, Nancy inspired me to make food my "friend".  I select my food and prepare my meals with love, strongly believing in the healing power of good nutrition and the hope that my health will continue to improve.  Nancy's support has given me hope.?

    I will continue to share her valuable information with family and friends as I continue on my journey to eat for optimal health benefits.

    Thank you Nancy ??If I gave you a report card I would give you an A+

    - Karen O

  • Nancy Birang is a gifted educator, whose consultations and classes have helped me immensely.  Not only are her classes extremely informative, Nancy makes learning enjoyable and fun!  I've learned how to use foods for optimal health, and learned many medicinal qualities of so many foods, from mushrooms to beans, and wonderful recipes to use them!  I feel so much more knowledgeable, and feel that I can control my health, even with having a cancer diagnosis.  I am so grateful to Nancy for giving me the gift of nutritional knowledge!!

    - Dorene K

  • Nancy Birang has helped me and been there constantly on my road to recovery from uncontrolled diabetes.
    Her thorough knowledge of the nutrition as well as that of the components of the supplements due to her biochemical background is astounding.

    Her willingness to constantly be at the forefront of research and her openness to new concepts have been big factors in my success to fight the disease.

    The San Jose Mercury News has mentioned her as one of the most valuable persons of our community, as she always volunteers her time and skills in spite of her busy schedule.

    It is because of her unwillingness to give up on me during the setbacks that I found the courage to continue.

    - Evelyne S

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